Greetings to all of our Cooksville Family!

Hi Everyone,

Happy weekend after Canada day!

School is officially out.  The weather is getting warmer every day.  Shorts and sandals are the uniform of choice.  I think it’s safe to say that summer is definitely here.

Remember, all of those things are gifts from God.  So even though our summer, and quite probably what we do with our time during it, will be much different this year, make sure you take some time to enjoy everything God gives us during these short months.  And remember to always thank God for the blessings He gives.

Here’s the link for the July 5th service.  Or you could search on ‘Cooksville United’ directly in YouTube.

As always, If you have problems with viewing the video, I have included the full text below of the introduction and the reflection below.

And remember, please try to keep in touch with each other, particularly those you know who are forced to spend so much time alone.

And feel free to call or email me personally if you want to connect or if there is anything I can do.


Rev. Brian

Cell – 905-802-4081
Email –

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