About Us

The Cooksville Methodist Church began in 1821 in a log cabin on the south side of Dundas Street near Hurontario Street. The first church was built on Agnes Street in 1844 and the following year an interdenominational Sunday School opened. A new brick church as build in 1887 on Dundas Street near Novar Street.

Through a merger of Methodist,  and Congregationalists in 1925, the Cooksville Methodist Church became part of the United Church of Canada.

This building, built in 1960, contains the foundation stone from the 1887 church as well as a stone from the first Methodist church in Canada (Point de Bute, New Brunswick of 1788). Erected by Cooksville United Church with the assistance of the Ontario Heritage Foundation

Our Statement of Faith
We are on a journey of transformation
We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, the Son of the Living God, our Rock and our Saviour.
He is our guide and inspiration and we ask Him to use us in building God’s community of faith.
We want to follow Jesus Christ.
We are called to reach out and welcome people to share this Centre of Worship.
We have hope in “God With Us” to strengthen us on our way.

Our Statement of Purpose
Our purpose is to be:
A place where good news is proclaimed and people find inner peace and joy.
A Centre of Worship and welcoming congregation which shares fellowship with others.
A caring community which celebrates its diverse and multicultural background.
A teaching  of family values and ethics of the  for peace and justice in our society and in the World

Our Statement of Mission
We are called to reach out with love to a multicultural and diverse community with unique celebrations and programs in inter-church and inter-faith service to the community by:

Extending Christian Education and Youth Programs.
Including our ethnic and multi-cultural community
Initiating inter-faith .
Seeking to bring in people formerly associated with the United Church of Canada
Updating our programs and assessing community needs.

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